Junior After School Programme

Registration NOW Open….

       7 Week Programme, one hour per week-


          –  Ages from 6-13

          – All levels of juniors- Beginner Classes, Intermediate &               advanced Classes

          – Equipment Provided, €55 for the 7 weeks


Pick a day Monday- Friday 3 pm -4 pm or Saturday 10 am -11 am, or 11.15 am -12 .15 pm and that is your day/time for 7 weeks

  Starts MONDAY October 3rd and runs for 7 consecutive school calendar weeks.

Classes are held at the driving range in Greystones or at Greystones Golf Club. Our coaches are PGA Professionals and fully Garda Vetted.

The classes are lead by PGA Professional David Lewis. Our academy is one of the most active junior programmes in the country. Our aim is deliver junior classes that are enjoyable and to start the juniors on a path in a sport that they can play for the rest of their lives. From beginner to advanced juniors, we create an environment where the juniors can learn and enjoy their golf. Each week the juniors can come at a separate time and hit a free  basket of balls as part of the programme incentive to develop the juniors’ skills.

Follow us on Facebook to look back over the last few years on our junior golf programme (search Greystones-Driving Range)

Call 01 287 0080 to register your place……….


Would you like 20 YARDS EXTRA ON YOUR DRIVES?!!

Click  the video link below to find out how!!!

Longer Drives












Our High Tech Swing Studio



 PGA Professional David Lewis uses the latest in Golf Technology:

    • 2 High Speed Cameras to capture and compare swings to models



  • V1 Branded Academy Member- enables David to send Video voice analysis of the lesson




  • Flightscope- Tracks 3D analysis of Golf Club & Ball Measuring



    • Swing Speed-Ball Speed-Club Path-Angle of Attack-Launch Angles






The world’s first ever 3D Doppler Radar for sports

Flightscope serves multiple purposes at the academy. For Custom fitting it is important to gauge the correct spin rate-launch angles-swing speeds-contact, etc.. Using our fully fitted demo room we can mix and match shafts to suit the individual. We also use it as a coaching tool to gauge swing path, attack angle, swing speeds and so on. As Tiger Wood’s coach, Sean Foley,  states… “the only true way of knowing for sure what an individual is doing is to measure it, simulators do that”

Some photos from the academy.

Lessons available through calling 01 287 0080 or book online now

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